Severe Cases of Gynecomastia

Severe Cases of Gynecomastia Before & After Pictures

  • © Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Gallery
  • © Dr. Mordcai Blau Before and After Gallery

Patient: 31
Age: 29
Location: Bergen County, NJ (New Jersey)
Post-Op Severe Cases of Gynecomastia Photos: 1 Month

Revision of Gynecomastia Surgery

This 29 Y.O. male patient from Bergen County, New Jersey come to our office after being unhappy from the results of gynecomastia surgery that was performed by another surgeon.

Since the first surgeon refused to perform revision, he came to our office looking to improve his breasts shape and the very notable skin excess.

This particular revision (after another physician) was more difficult then the regular gynecomastia surgery.

Liposuction of the arm pits areas and breasts with revision and correction of the excess gynecomastia tissue was performed.

The post revision photos of this gynecomastia surgery show more aesthetically countered breasts and nipple-areolars complexes and improvement of the lateral excess skin folds.

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