The Man Beyond the Surgeon

Professional Experience

While in Medical School, at age twenty-four, Dr. Blau worked, as a nurse’s assistant, and then as a registered nurse in a university hospital. This gave him a unique opportunity to experience first hand, and to understand the level of devotion and hard work of the nursing staff. In 1972 – 1973 Dr. Blau was very fortunate to work closely with a pioneer and one of the inventors of the modern medical laser, Professor Issac Kaplan, MD. He also was working with renovator of techniques in modern plastic surgery, Professor George Peled, MD.

Army Service

Dr. Blau served in the military as a Medic. Upon completion of medical school, he became a Medical Officer. At age twenty-seven, he was Commander of the Medical Surgical Unit in the Army Field Hospital. While serving, he had to make many life saving decisions, and most of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery had to be performed on the spot. When patients had to be transferred to the Army Medical Center for treatment, Dr. Blau remained involved as to their progress and followed their recovery.

Strathmore’s “Who’s Who”

Recognizes Dr. Blau for his outstanding achievements and leadership in his profession. The Ruben Dario Cultural Institute in White Plains awarded him a Lifetime Membership.

Yeshiva University Certificate of Award

Respected communal leader, esteemed congregate and outstanding community figure.

Brandeis University Library Learned Research Journal Certificate of Honor

Brandeis University’s Learned Research Journals are scholarly publications in all academic fields. They are indispensable resources for research and serious study. This award was presented to Dr. Blau by the Central Westchester Chapter of the Brandeis University’s National Women’s Committee.

The Arts

Dr. Blau is also known for his artistry in painting (including both oils and watercolors) and sculpting, a natural talent, well suited to his profession. His collections were exhibited in San Francisco, New York and as far away as Europe. Some of his creations are on display in his reception area for all to appreciate and enjoy. His artistic abilities have earned him a lifetime membership at the Ruben Dario Cultural Institute in White Plains, New York… a prestigious award presented to only a gifted few.

Dr. Blau’s family has many generations of gifted artists, which now extends to his own children. His son, Gabriel, won both the Gold New York State Award and the Gold National Award in Computer Graphic Art (among 22,000 contestants). He was “Artist of the Month” in the Scholastic Magazine of April 1997. Gabe’s work was exhibited in the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. and in the New York State Museum in Albany.

His daughter, Tamar, is a gifted photographer, and his son, Gabriel is majoring in the field of Graphic Art.

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