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I have been a physician around NYC for over 40 years and had heard about Dr. Blau’s superior skills even before I needed gynecomastia surgery about 6 months ago.He is the plastic surgeon that doctors and nurses around NYC go to when they need cosmetic surgery. While there many surgeons to pick from around NYC Dr. Blau was the clear choice for me since he has the most experience and the best reputation. My moderately severe case has healed without a noticeable scar and no trace of gynecomastia remains. He is truly an artist and I would tell my own mother to go to him if she needed surgery.

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About The Natural Blend Technique

The Natural Blend Technique in New York is Dr. Blau’s innovative approach to improving the aesthetic outcome of the surgery. This technique is the result of 25 years of experience with Gynecomastia surgery. After performing thousands of cases, Dr. Blau came to the realization that in order to achieve the best possible results for any given individual, one must pay close attention to more than just the glandular tissue, but other components of the male chest.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

Good candidates are men who want to undergo gynecomastia surgery to reduce the size of the breast tissue and improve the contours of their chests. Ideally, patients are non-smokers and are in good overall health. Patients must not have any cardiovascular illnesses that could hinder healing. Patients should have realistic expectations and cosmetic goals.

Your Consultation

Dr. Blau begins to apply the natural blend technique during a patient’s initial consultation. Through close observation of the anatomical landmarks of the chest area, Dr. Blau begins considering the best course of action for resolving the patient’s aesthetic dilemma. By taking into consideration a patients structural abnormalities, Dr. Blau is better able to tailor a surgical solution.

The chest structure is a blend of glandular tissue, adipose tissue, fibrous tissue, muscle and skin. Even the underlying bone structure plays a role in the shape of the chest. The proportion and symmetry of the chest also have a great impact on its overall appearance. Through close scrutiny of these many factors Dr. Blau can formulate an optimal strategy. These judgments are informed by 25 years of experience with Gynecomastia surgery, but even more importantly they reveal an innate artistic sensibility, beyond the physician’s pursuit of aesthetic perfection. The natural blend technique is a product of Dr. Blau’s artistic use of proportion. Beyond looking flat, a man’s chest should also appear to be natural. The twin pillars of natural aesthetics are symmetry and proportion, and these are the goals of the natural blend technique.

The Procedure

The natural blend technique is implemented during surgery, beginning with an incision of about one inch. Dr. Blau’s initial incision cuts through the skin and subcutaneous layer, into the glandular tissue. It is at this point that Dr. Blau’s earlier observations manifest themselves into surgery. Informed by the natural blend technique, Dr. Blau has calculated the proper amount of glandular tissue to remove so that after surgery the chest will appear proportional and not sunken.

Of course, an artistic sense is not all that informs the natural blend technique. One of the advantages that come with 25 years of gynecomastia surgery experience is an intimate knowledge of the this term. Thousands of this type of surgery have shown Dr. Blau that in almost all cases the enlarged male breasts exist not only under the nipple areola complex, but also a “head” that extends towards the center of the chest, and a “tail” that extends to the armpit. Only by removing all parts of the glandular tissue can Dr. Blau make recurrence an extremely unlikely possibility. This helps again towards the goal of the natural blend technique, to create results that appear proportional as they would in nature.

Once the breast tissue itself is removed, Dr. Blau then turns to the surrounding fat tissue. This process, again, is very specific to each individual. To achieve results that appear natural and proportional, Dr. Blau varies the amount of fat he takes. In most patients, Dr. Blau removes a considerable amount of fat. This is done so that the chest will appear flat, and not intended where the Gynecomastia was removed. In individuals with a very low body fat percentage, like athletes, body builders and fitness enthusiasts, Dr. Blau does not remove any fatty tissue. For these people, glandular tissue removal alone is enough to achieve a flat, natural look. Dr. Blau is very careful not to cut into the muscle, which would cause many problems.

If Dr. Blau finds that the abnormal breast’s gland and fat removal do not seem to be producing the proportional structure hoped for, he will use a “fat flap” (adipose flap) to blend the tissue and form a natural size.

It is very important that the left and right sides of the chest are of equal proportions. The whole chest must be evaluated before surgery is completed. Symmetry is a key to the Natural Blend Technique.

The Natural Blend Technique Recovery Process

Full recovery after male breast reduction surgery with The Natural Blend Technique can take three to six weeks. Patients can typically go back to work a week after surgery, but strenuous physical activities should be avoided.

Swelling, bruising, and soreness are commonly experienced. Over-the-counter medications will help to alleviate any pain or discomfort. A post-surgical elastic garment will aid in controlling post-surgical swelling, as will ice packs.


Photos Courtesy of Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C. ~ Individual results may vary.

Dr. Blau's patient results for gynecomastia/breast reduction in New York City
Dr. Blau's patient results for gynecomastia/breast reduction in New York City
* Individual results may vary.

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Cost of The Natural Blend Technique

Due to the highly individualized approach of the procedure, the cost of undergoing The Natural Blend Technique differs from one patient to another. The total price may be impacted by anesthetic fees, surgical fees, and the complexity of the surgery.

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