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Case #19

Asymmetric/Unilateral Asymmetric/Unilateral



Asymmetric/Unilateral Asymmetric/Unilateral
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Asymmetric/Unilateral Asymmetric/Unilateral
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Asymmetric/Unilateral Asymmetric/Unilateral
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Asymmetric/Unilateral Asymmetric/Unilateral
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Patient: 19
Age: 25
Location: Austin, Texas (TX)
Post-Op Asymmetrical/Unilateral Gynecomastia Photos: 6 MONTHS

This 25-year-old Austin, TX patient was happy with his overall physique, but did not like his asymmetrical chest. He felt that his Gynecomastia condition had grown over the years. His goal was to improve his breast aesthetics so it would be proportional to the rest of his contoured body. He could not accomplish it in the gym and did not want to take a risk of having scars. He interviewed several Plastic Surgeons and after seeing Dr. Blau’s portfolio of patients and the quality of his work, he made up his mind. The results were natural as he expected and no one knew about or could see his incisions. The patient is happy with his new look and is extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Mordcai Blau is one of the world’s most experienced, well-known authorities and an accomplished author in male breast reduction surgery.

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