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Case #113

Adults (20-40) Adults (20-40)



Adults (20-40) Adults (20-40)
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Patient: 113
Age: 21
Location: Whitestone, Queens County, New York (NY)
Post-Op Breast reduction for men (Gynecomastia) Photos: 2-years

This is a 23 year old patient from Whitestone, Queens County, NY, who is 5’7 and 190 lbs, who came to Dr. Blau for his overdeveloped chest. Gynecomastia is a condition that develops when there is an excess amount of tissue that forms beneath the male breast resulting in an enlargement. The patient became self-conscious about this appearance of his chest and consulted with Dr. Blau, board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years experience, upon learning that he is a world-authority and well-accomplished author on Gynecomastia surgery. The patient underwent male breast reduction surgery excising the glandular tissue underneath the male breast, followed by a small amount of liposuction. The incision is inconspicuous and cannot be noticed, even without a shirt. The patient is extremely happy with the outcome and no longer feels embarrassed to remove his shirt in public.

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