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Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C., White Plains, NY

Case #75

Adults (20-40) Adults (20-40)



Adults (20-40) Adults (20-40)
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Patient: 75
Age: 23
Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Post-Op Breast reduction for men (Gynecomastia) Photos: 1 Year

23-year-old male patient with Gynecomastia (large male breasts) who traveled from Stamford, Connecticut to consult with Dr. Mordcai Blau, a world authority and leading expert on Gynecomastia. After an extensive examination, Dr. Blau determined this patient was a good candidate for corrective surgery to treat his Gynecomastia. The procedure was performed at Dr. Blau’s fully accredited surgical center in White Plains, New York. This patient’s surgery involved removing the head and tail of the mammary glands and performing a small about of liposuction, using 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch incisions. Most often this procedure does not require a drain and because of the location of the incisions, results in little scarring. These after photographs were taken one year following the patient’s male breast reduction surgery. 35 % of Dr. Blau’s patients travel from other states, including this Stamford, Connecticut patient and many others from New Haven, Connecticut; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Newark, New Jersey.

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