Well I am almost five weeks post-surgery and I wanted you to know Dr. Blau how very grateful I am of the care and expertise you provided me. Not only did you provide that excellent care and expertise but you gave me the most wonderful gift… “peace of mind”.
I want to tell you that you are like no other. You are in a league of your own. Your dedication and compassion—your “understanding” of my concerns and my fears—your gift and ability to make me feel completely and utterly relaxed is so very rare to find. Most physicians are so busy with the nonclinical aspecs of practice that they don’t have the time to truly deliver the full and complete needs of a patient. You have gone well beyond the call—-to a stratosphere never before seen.
And let’s not forget about your wonderful staff and dedication to there job was well felt and appreciated and received. The two of you are an unstoppable team of happy makers. You’ve returned me to my normal life — to the happy person I was before — and I THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.