Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsAfter a consultation a couple of months ago I finally went to Dr Blau for chest surgery almost three weeks ago. I knew him due to his reputation and via the recommendations of close friends.
In pre op Dr Blau made no huge promises of outcome as my age(51) may be against me in terms of skin elasticity. So I went in there just hoping for the best.
The procedure went very smoothly and with only about 45 minutes total operating time. A lot of guys I know had surgeries lasting at least 2 hours and some even 4 hours.
My friend saw the results before I was bandaged up and she was amazed at the job he had done. No scars at all.
A side note for those of you who may not be aware (and I am sure that is a lot of people) This surgery usually involves a large incision straight across the chest which basically leaves you scarred for life.
Fast forward to today…it has been almost three weeks since surgery. Dr Blau removed my bandages after week one.
The skin is healing wonderfully and the only sign of surgical intervention are two small V shaped incisions on the side of the nipple which will disappear completely.
My chest looks amazing and much better than I could have anticipated.
The whole experience was made so easy for me from his office staff to his anesthesiologist (who deserves great credit for putting me totally at ease!) I had no nerves on the day whatsoever.
I would highly recommend Dr Blau to anyone seeking a skilled cosmetic surgeon.