Dr. Mordcai Blau Vitals ReviewsI normally don’t like writing reviews but I wanted to share my experience in hope that it might help somebody. I suffered from a pretty severe case of gynecomastia for about 10 years. I was finally able to afford the surgery this year so I started looking for an experienced surgeon in my area. I found Dr Blau’s profile and his results looked great. At the time, I was considering between him and another surgeon here in NY but I decided to go with him because not only his price was better but the other surgeon also recommended him. I did not meet him until the day of the surgery because I was busy at work but I did spend a lot of time talking to him and his staff over the phone. They were super nice and helpful. They allowed me to call anytime to ask questions. Even the anesthesiologist reached out to me prior to the surgery. The surgery went well, they put me to sleep and I woke up gynecomastia free. Recovery was different from what I heard from other people because I didn’t have to wear any compression vest for weeks or draining devices. I am really happy with the results and I finally removed my shirt in public this summer for the first in many years. I have also lost a few pound since the surgery so people definitely take notice. It feels amazing to go to the store and not being restricted on what kind of clothes I can wear to hide my gynecomastia. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Blau because he changed my life (Yeah, I know this sounds like one of those cliche TV commercial) but he really did. I feel way more comfortable and confident now.