Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsMy name is Jose and I was a patient of Dr. Blau. I had gynecomastia surgery done by him back in December 2013. I don’t think the surgery could have been more successful. After tons of research beforehand, I wasn’t able to find a more qualified surgeon, so I went ahead and had him perform the procedure. As a person who had and now doesn’t have gynecomastia I will tell you right now it was worth every penny. Now I have more confidence in my body and I can actually wear whatever I want now without thinking twice.(if you’re reading this you understand) From Doctor Blau’s professionalism, friendliness, and steady hands the entire process went about smoothly and now 4 months later I have no regrets. I feel that the results speak for themselves. The recovery was relatively quick; few days with a bandage, stitches come off by themselves, and Dr. Blau removing any extra fluid; I was back to working out in 2 and a half weeks and there’s pretty much no scar. If you’re looking to get a gynecomastia procedure done by a more than qualified surgeon who cares and results matter to you look no further than Doctor Blau, I know i don’t regret it.