Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsI am very pleased with Dr. Blau. I had gynecomastia surgery in January 2012 and now seven months later I feel better then ever. The scaring is completely gone and I am able to work out on a daily routine. Dr. Blau is known for his gynecomastia surgery as well as his own great artwork (paintings, sculptures) displayed in his office. Dr. Blau averages about 250 gynecomastia surgeries a year. On his website you can see over 3000 before and after pictures of his surgeries. A large amount of his patients are body builders who care about their appearance who are very particular about their scars and overall results. When I was looking for a physician for gynecomastia it was a no brainier that Dr. Blau was the best and only choice. I am more confident then ever since I had this surgery and it was well worth it. I want to thank Dr. Blau for his great work and professionalism. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you again Dr. Blau!!!