Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsI am a medical doctor in my mid 20s living in PA. I grew up with gynecomastia. I first noticed it as I was going through puberty in my early teenage years. Despite being in the medical field, I lived in denial into most of my adult life. I thought it would go away as I got older or with diet and exercise, but it never did.

Eventually I realized that I wanted to have control of my body and no longer let gyno dictate so many aspects of my life. As a physician, I knew how important it would be to find the right surgeon for this procedure. I went to many different surgeons in the Philadelphia area, but did not feel comfortable with any of them. Despite some of them having favorable reviews, it never felt right. None of them made me feel like they actually cared about anything but the money involved. Some would get annoyed when I would ask general questions about the procedure and healing etc. I thought that them having knowledge of the fact that I too am a physician would at least give more incentive to have patience with my questions. However, that was not the case. My negative experiences made me do more research. From early on, I noticed that Dr. Blau was a name that kept coming up when I researched the condition. I looked at his work and knew right away he was very talented. I liked how his patients would lose the gyno without losing the natural shape and contour in their chests that I feel most grown men should have. He also had many favorable reviews. Initially, I thought it would be too far from home to travel to his office for the procedure. But eventually I decided to not let my commute be the deciding factor in where I got the surgery done and gave his office a call.

I was greeted on the phone by his longtime secretary Maryanne. She is so friendly and immediately makes you feel comfortable. I explained my situation to her and she immediately understood and told me she would have Dr. Blau speak to me right away. I was floored that such a busy and successful surgeon would make the time to speak to me on the phone the first time I called. Every other office I called would not let me speak to the surgeon without an appointment.

Dr. Blau immediately took the time to get to know me and did not seem rushed at all. He answered all of my questions without hesitation or attitude. He explained to me in great detail what to expect if I had the surgery done with him. He also asked me general questions about myself to get to know me. I sent him over pictures and he worked with me on the cost. I scheduled my surgery for later that month.

This procedure was the first surgery in my life and I was nervous, but Dr. Blau made me feel very comfortable. The moment I walked in, he greeted me by name and even remembered some of the details from our phone conversation earlier that month. The procedure is done before you know it. He gave me pain medications afterwards, but I did not need to take any. I stayed in contact with him throughout my healing process. He was always available to answer any of my questions, even on weekends. I was truly amazed with my results. My chest looked better then I could have dreamed of. Immediately after the surgery I was able to wear white shirts without hesitation. Not only did I not have gyno anymore, my chest looked defined and my pectoral muscles were more evident. My self confidence was so much higher. As happy as I was with the results, he always seemed to find things to improve the final look on my follow up visits.

I am very happy I made the choice to have this procedure done with Dr. Blau. I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking to have this procedure done. He is well worth the cost and travel. It is better to have it done the right way the first time, then to take short cuts and regret it later. I can honestly say that all the praise that Dr. Blau gets is well deserved and genuine. Best of luck to anyone out there with this condition looking for a solution. I understand your struggle and want you to know that there is a light at the end of that dark tunnel.