Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsI first became aware of Dr. Blau after seeing several of his patients in my work as a Physician at another office. One of the patients, a former navy seal, had a very severe deformity after surgery with another surgeon, although he still had remaining gynecomastia.After surgery with Dr. Blau, I saw him several months later, and he looked normal with no evidence of having had surgery. I was so impressed that I referred another patient, a body builder with severe gynecomastia, with similar results. I myself had been suffering from moderately large gynecomastia since my teen years but was reluctant to seek help because there are so few surgeons with experience with this type of procedure. I did some research about Dr. Blau, asking other surgeons and the internet, and found that he probably has done more gynecomastia procedures than anyone else. He does around 500 gynecomastia procedures a year and has earned a great reputation in the medical community.He is often called upon to give lectures, including being the featured speaker at a national plastic surgery conference at Harvard, and is the author of books and articles on the subject.
I was very nervous before arriving at his office, since I had never had surgery before, but his staff put me at ease from the moment I arrived in his office. Maryanne was very pleasant and helpful, and the office was bright and filled with art done by Dr. Blau,an accomplished artist himself.He was very patient with my anxiety and answered all my questions until I felt confident enough to schedule the surgery.
The surgery itself was much less traumatic than I expected. I woke up about in a great mood feeling only mild soreness and went home in about another hour. Four months later I am completely heeled with no scar at all.I can”t tell you how happy I am. Dr. Blau never promised to make me perfect but my chest has never looked better.You should not even consider another surgeon,in my opinion, and I will be eternally grateful. He is the Go To Man for gynecomastia.