Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsDr. Blau saved my life. I had been suffering my entire teen and adult life from incredible depression stemming from my male breasts. I hid the pain for many years, developed a profound self hatred for myself and never felt like a man and felt anytime I tried to speak of this, especially to Women, I was further mocked, belittled, ridiculed and dismissed. It amazes me how society is told (rightfully so) to not shame young girls for their bodies but that same consideration is not extended to our Sons. They are not allowed to voice their hurt and manifest deeper problems in not being allowed to express our pain. And so thoughts of suicide enter one’s head. What is the point of living with self hatred? Out condition are the butt of so many jokes. I could no longer live with the self hatred I have been told I deserve because I had male breasts. Dr. Blau was my desperate call for help. My life has changed. I am free. I am a Man. One finally at peace in his own skin.