Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsDr. Blau is the one you need to go to if you’re looking to have gynecomastia surgery. He specializes in this surgery and he’s the best in the country. Patients travel from all over the country and even other countries to meet with him. I came to him with a complicated case because I had already undergone a Gyno surgery with a different doctor who didn’t do a good job. I came to Dr. Blau with a lot of scars and still the same Gyno problem. He was able to correct the problem by removing the Gyno and also scar tissue. I really wish I found Dr. Blau first but I didn’t do my research the first time around. I highly recommend that you research all of his before and after pics and YouTube videos. If you do, you’ll know that he’s the right doctor to go to.