Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsDr.Blau – Great gynecomastia surgeon and great guy! I developed gynecomastia during puberty and it effected my confidence and self-esteem greatly. I am a fitness enthusiastic and work extremely hard to stay in shape. However, no matter what I did, or how low my bodyfat level got, I always had “puffy nipples.” After doing little research and locating a plastic surgeon in my area (MA), I had surgery performed in 2008 under general anesthesia in which the surgeon used a liposection technique an attempt to reduce the puffyness. Needless to say, the results were less than stellar. I was left with a large hole my wallet, weeks of lost time in gym, and no increase in self esteem. If anything, I felt more depressed because I was unable to workout and still had a case of gynecomastia that was not corrected. A few years went by, and I contemplated having the surgery done again. I did more extensive research and had a friend that had gone to Dr.Blau and he stated he was extremely pleased with the results. I had my second surgery performed in September 2011 under local anesthesia. The surgery is virtually painless and takes about an hour or so. After a few weeks I was back in the gym and very pleased with my results. Dr. Blau is a very down to earth individual and wants all his patients to be happy with their results. He has gone beyond what I think any other surgeon would do to in order to fulfill my needs. I recommend anyone that suffers from gynecomastia to consult with Dr.Blau and have the surgery performed. You will not be disappointed. Dr.Blau and his staff members are extremely cordial and will make you feel at ease during the entire process.