Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsDr Blau changed my life. A 45 year gym rat since I’m 17. I dont go for physical purposes anymore but definitely mental. I love the gym and need the gym. 2 years ago I started to see a change in my chest. I tried everything. Chest every other day, different workouts ,cardio like crazy. Wasn’t getting better. I was referred to dr blau from a few friends. After 2 other consultations with other surgeons I met with dr blau. I gave my deposit that day and didn’t look back. Worth every penny. I’m no Adonis but I’m proud of what I look like at my age. And for the last 2 years I haven’t felt good at all. Dr Blau gave me my life back. His professionalism, his knowledgeable and courteous staff, his bedside manner, all made this uncomfortable situation so easy and so bearable . Guys, dont think twice about this, at any age. Dr Blau is the best in the business!