Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsDr. Blau and his staff offer exceptional service, experience, and RESULTS!!!

Since I was young I had developed a mild case of gynocomastia. Having dealt with the embarrassment for years I decided it was time to research doctors that performed gynocomastia surgery. After months of researching doctors, photos, ratings I decided to give Dr. Blau a call since he has done many of these surgeries with exceptional results. His rating are phenomenal and the photos speak for themselves.

I called and set up a consultation with Mary Ann who was very pleasant and gave me all the information I needed prior to meeting with Dr. Blau. During the consultation Dr. Blau sat with me and discussed the procedure and likely outcome of the surgery. It was very detailed and thorough with what to expect pre and post surgery. I decided right then, Dr. Blau was the doctor to go to!

I am now a couple weeks post surgery and I am beyond satisfied with the outcome. After months of debating what I should do, I now know I made the right choice with Dr. Blau and his staff!!! I don’t know why I waited so long!