Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsI am a 24 year old man with an athletic build. I developed a miner case of gynecomastia when I was 22 years old from using anabolic steroid supplements. It was embarrassing to live with I stopped taking my shirt off in front of girls and eventually I stopped going to the gym because I was so sick of seeing my nipples stick out of my shirt and walking around looking like that. About a year later I went looking for a plastic surgeon it took me forever to find the right one. I then discovered Dr. Blau through research and I was impressed with his reputation. I had a consult over the phone with Dr. Blau and the next month I went in for surgery with him. Dr. Blau and his staff are great. I’m now about 3 months post-op and I am amazed with the results. Dr. Blau gave me my confidence back. I love my new look my chest looks so perfect any bulky. My nipples are nice and flush with my chest muscles and not sticking out anymore, no more gyno! I can pinch my nipples and not feel any painful hard lumps. My chest feels healthy. I’m back at the gym and I’m going to the beach with no shirt!!! Dr. Blau certainly is the guy to go to. I would expect no less from a man with such expertise. Thank you Dr. Blau.