Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsAfter going to many different surgeons and doing years of research I made an informed decision to go to the best gynocomastia surgeon Dr.Blau. This is a decision I have no regret from the moment I walked in for the consultation I was treated with upmost respect and I had all my questions answered and was no rushed. Going in I had severe gynocomastia and was worried about how my chest would look and if their would be any scarring and the end of the surgery there was no scar and I was completely pain free moments after the surgery. The 1st follow up showed that I was recovering faster than he thought. The 2nd follow up he was impressed by how good I had healed. All i can say is thanks Dr.blau for making a huge positive impact in my life.I can totally feel confident talking off my shirt now in public. Dr.Blau and I even talked about if it will re-occur he told me about the 7,000 gynocomastia patients he has had and not one of them ever had their gynocomastial come back.