Unequal and Tubular

Tubular breasts are by definition breasts that have a smaller diameter with an elongated shape reminiscent of a tube.

With tubular breasts, the condition can manifest itself in many variations. This may include the entire breast or just the areola and can result in sagginess or unequal breast deformities.

Significant asymmetry of the breasts is usually congenital but it can occasionally be a result of trauma or mastectomy. Asymmetric breasts may differ in size, diameter or circumference, height, or length. There may also be differences in the circumference and protrusion of the nipple-areola complex.

Tubular breasts reconstruction is a surgical challenge to plastic surgeons. There are several ways to correct this condition. A board certified plastic surgeon with experience in the correction of unequal or tubular breasts should be consulted for an objective personal evaluation.

Tubular breasts and asymmetric breasts correction may involve Mastopexy, breast reduction and/or insertion of usually high profile breast implants.

Breast Surgery Pictures of Dr. Blau's Patients:

Corrective Breast Surgery for Tubular breasts  |  White Plains, NY Corrective Breast Surgery for Tubular breasts  |  White Plains, NY
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