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Patient: 6
Age: 20
Location: Ulster County, Sullivan County, Upstate NY, New York
Post-Op Gynecomastia in Bodybuilders Photos: 1 year

This young bodybuilder from Upstate, NY had Gynecomastia despite the fact that he was and is in excellent physical condition. Gynecomastia is a condition that occurs due to a development of glandular tissue that forms on top of the muscles of the breasts, causing them to become enlarged. After trying supplements to no avail, the patient came to Dr. Blau on the recommendation of other bodybuilders who had undergone male breast reduction surgery with Dr. Blau. The patient was impressed to learn that Dr. Blau is regarded world-wide as the utmost authority in his experience and knowledge in Gynecomastia surgery and that he was successfully corrected many bodybuilding patients with the same condition. The procedure involved the excision of 95% of the glandular tissue. Bodybuilders are unique patients due to their extremely low body fat composition and therefore, liposuction is not required. The patient is very satisfied with the outcome and happy to learn that there is a very low chance of the condition’s return if the procedure is done correctly. The patient has returned to his career and is so happy with the results that he has referred several friends to Dr. Blau.

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