Adolescents (14-19):Before & After Photos

Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C., White Plains, NY

Case #37

Adolescents (14-19) Adolescents (14-19)



Adolescents (14-19) Adolescents (14-19)
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Adolescents (14-19) Adolescents (14-19)
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Adolescents (14-19) Adolescents (14-19)
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Adolescents (14-19) Adolescents (14-19)
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Adolescents (14-19) Adolescents (14-19)
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Patient: 37
Age: 19
Location: Texas, TX, Richardson
Post-Op Gynecomastia in Adolescents Photos: 2 weeks

This is a 19 year old patient from Dallas Texas, 6′0″ and weighs 190 lbs, was embarrassed to take off his shirt in public or go swimming. His Gynecomastia started around age 12 and after researching the condition learned that most Adolescent Gynecomastia goes away on its own but his had not. He traveled to see Dr. Blau from Dallas, Texas after searching online and seeing his work in the before and after galleries on his website. He was also pleased to learn Dr. Blau is an award winning artist and sculptor. As you can see the photos, his incisions are not noticeable and this Texas patient is very happy with his results.

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