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Surgeries performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Mordcai Blau, M.D., P.C., White Plains, NY

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Patient: 3
Age: Mid Twenties
Location: Westchester, NY
Post-Op Body Lift Photos: 1 Year

Patient lost 40 lb and then abdominoplasty was done in 1998 with great improvement of this area. In 1999 she had liposuction of the thighs, back and arms which enabled her to be more comfortable in her clothing.

In spite of the huge change, the patient became more ambitious and had Laproscopic Gastric Bypass surgery performed in 2002. She did very well and lost over 100 pounds. Her abdomen and back did not require any more surgery.

In 2004, I had performed an arm lift (reduction) and breast lift with augmentation (implants). As a result of this body contouring surgery she was more outgoing, social and was not shy to have intimate relations. In the same year additional liposculpture of the back and upper abdomen was done.

Three years later she remains very happy showing off her new body. There was a vast improvement from the body contouring and breast implants.

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