Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsMy journey started when I was 13 and I always had alot more fat on my chest than all my friends. Ever since then I was uncomfortable to take my shirt off in public. As the years went on i learned to deal with it i guess but it was always in the back of my mind but I never knew there was something I could do about it. As the years went on I got really into fitness and the gym. I tried to turn my fatty chest into muscle but actually made it look worse and more pronounced. I never knew what I had until the internet came about and I started doing a little research on my condition. I was not alone. I learned that what i had was a medical condition called Gynecomastia. I was actually relieved that I wasn’t alone. I began almost obsessing and wanting to fix the problem so badly. But didn’t know where to start. I started watching you tube videos after video and read every article i could on this condition. After about 2 years of my own research one name kept popping up. Review after review Dr Mordcai Blau’s name kept on surfacing. So I started doing more research on him. What i learned was that with over 30 years experience and about 500 surgeries per year this man in the doctor i wanted to meet. Most plastic surgeons do a little bit of everything. It is unheard of that a plastic surgeon can make a living just doing 1 type of procedure. Well he definately does I found out. I finally schedueled a consultation and when i met him I was almost star struck because I had watched so many videos of him for so many years. I have to say most doctors do not have bed side manner. He was by far the nicest and honest doctor I ever met. Every question i asked he was patient and I didn’t feel preasured or rushed during the consultation. His calm demeanor was nice too especially because I am a nervous person when it comes to surgeries. His office was so nice and I almost felt at home. Very non hospital like. Couches and nice sculptures and the office staff was incredible. As soon as i walked in and was greeted by the staff i felt very at ease. Then meeting him was the icing on the cake. Skipping ahead a little i finally booked the surgery and was on my way to a nice new flat chest and a new me. The day of the surgery i was a little nervous was not as bad as I thought i would know how many surgeries this man does in a day. About 4 per day i found out. The surgery was fast and smooth and before i knew it I was in the car driving home. What a relief and the best day of my life! The next couple of weeks was a little uncomfortable but i never even took an advil. Very little pain and i was back work in 3-4 days. Right away you notice a major difference. As the months go on the results get better and better. Before I knew it I was walking around shirtless more and actually wearing tight fitted shirts .I was just recently down in Florida and was in the pool and not only did i feel great but kept getting compliments from people. I would recommend Dr. Blau to anyone I know. He is the go to man for this procedure.