Dear Dr. Blau,

At the age of 28, I finally decided to do something about my Gynecomastia. For as long as I can remember, I tried everything under the sun in the way of diet and exercise to rid myself of this problem. Unfortunately, nothing worked. For me, it was second nature to stand hunched over to cover up my problems, or to try on 10 shirts at the mall before I found one that hid this embarrassing excess. To make things worse, I love water sports and am a big fan of the beach. I think it would have been more embarrassing to lose my T-shirt than my shorts.

After hearing more and more about advances in surgery for Gynecomastia , I decided to do a bit of research. My case was significant and I knew that I would need a surgeon very familiar with this condition. After talking with Dr. Blau, I decided that I wanted him to perform the surgery. I spoke to a few other surgeons, but I did not experience the same kind of confidence and knowledge that was evident in Dr. Blau. He also had more experience treating Gynecomastia than anyone I ever heard of.

I went into this surgery with realistic expectations. I would have been happy with even the slightest bit of correction. Three days after the surgery, I went back to Dr. Blau to have the bandages removed (this was quick – it usually takes 10 – 12 days before the bandages come off). I almost passed out at the difference I saw. Not only was my problem gone, but I never realized what a nice chest I had underneath it all. Dr. Blau is truly gifted. Now, I purposely take my shirt off to go out to the mailbox, can wear tank tops and can hit the beach with confidence.