Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsI am an amateur body builder and could not go pro because of my gynecomastia condition. The gyno was so bad that I was losing some of my motivation to go to the gym and push myself. I thought about surgery, but a friend of mine who had gynecomastia surgery was unhappy with his results and so I was afraid to go under the knife and be disappointed. I started doing a lot of research online and Dr. Blau’s name came up again and again. I met another friend from school, a navy seal, who had surgery by Dr. Blau. He showed me his chest and i could not believe how perfect it looked – i could not see one scar. Finally I realized that Dr. Blau is the only surgeon I could trust with my body and I called is office to make an appointment. From the moment I spoke to Maryann, I was sold. She was very knowledgeable and a compassionate and caring person. The waiting room had a selection of Dr. Blau’s own art on display, which was a nice touch and gave me more confidence that he was a guy who understands the fundamentals of visual appearance. He does a ton of gynecomastia surgeries, and I met lots of other patients from as far away as London and Australia. I had the surgery about six months ago and yesterday Dr. Blau took my “after” pictures for the before-and-after photos. I really happy with the results, and am training to become a pro body builder.

I am very lucky i found such a pro surgeon, the best gynecomastia specialist. I can count my blessings. Do your own research, but I know you will find that there is no one out there like Dr. Blau. He changed my life and I am forever thankful.