Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsI had asymmetrical lumps with the right side much larger and always sore. Because the lump was sore, I was concerned that the underlying cause was still there and it would grow back. This kept me from getting surgery for a long time. It began to affect my lifestyle and psyche. However, after talking to Dr. Blau, he assured me that it would not return. He even went as far as saying if it did, he would do another operation for free. I live outside of Boston, a town that is know for medical excellence. However, having a specialist with the experience of Dr Blau, I chose to make the trip to White Plains. When it comes to your body, you only get one. An operation like this is not the time to choose based on convenient location or try to save a little money. Dr Blau did a phenomenal job, I could not be happier. I healed faster and better than expected. My chest looks great with almost unnoticeable scars! My only regret is that I did not get it done sooner. I know its cliche, but it is the truth! If you are thinking about it, go get it done now!