Dr. Mordcai Blau Google ReviewsCan’t say enough positive things about my experience with Dr. Blau. I went to Dr Blau after having a gynecomastia and nipple reduction procedure with one of the other “best” NY-based surgeons a few years before. That procedure had gone poorly and the surgeon refused to admit that his procedure hadn’t fixed the issues and in some ways made them worse. In contrast, Dr. Blau was super patient and understanding from the get go, and was able to talk about my specific issues and how they needed to be addressed in ways that the other surgeon hadn’t. Dr. Blau worked with me to get the result I wanted and even did a small follow up procedure for free to make sure I was as happy as possible. I’m very happy I went to Dr. Blau with with the result! Would highly recommend Dr. Blau, don’t make the mistake of going to someone else