Breast Reduction for Women

Breast Reduction for Women Before & After Pictures

Patient: 16
Age: Early Thirties
Location: Stamford, CT (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Post-Op Breast Reduction for Women Photos: 6 Months

This woman in her early thirties from Stamford, CT (Fairfield County, Connecticut) patient was unhappy with her large breasts and wished to reduce her breast size. This patient came to Dr. Mordcai Blau for surgery because Dr. Blau’s is one of the preeminent plastic surgeons in the county.   The procedure removed excess breast tissue and fat, as well as liposuction was necessary to remove excess fat in the armpit area. This patient was extremely happy with her surgical results and no longer feels uncomfortable or in pain because of her large breasts.  Dr. Blau sees many patients from the New York area. Call Dr. Blau’s office at 914-428-4700 if you would like to find out more information about being a patient.

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